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DCSD Funding | Planning Today for Their Tomorrow

Funding their Future

DCSD Funding Challenges

Schools are an integral part of our neighborhoods, our economies, and our lives. A high-quality school system, which requires high-quality teachers and staff, attracts businesses and residents to our thriving community, keeps our home values strong, and provides a pipeline of educated future workers to the businesses in our community. 

DCSD Funding Challenges

DCSD faces many funding challenges that can only be solved with voter-approved measures. It’s important to plan now to ensure that future classes have the same opportunities for success as previous classes. We can do this by:

Did You Know?

90 schools

DCSD is the third-largest school district in Colorado with 90 schools and 63,000 students. 

$2k less

DCSD's Mill Levy Override is $2,000 per student less than neighboring school districts.


Starting teacher pay at DCSD is $45,209.

$20k less

DCSD teachers are paid $15,000-$20,000 less than neighboring school districts.

From Our Teachers

Jason Jacob: The Leader Behind Legend HS

Turns out that spending time around kids is great preparation for leading a building of more than 2,200 teenagers. Legend High School Principal Jason Jacob said working at different sports camps during his youth and teenage years got him interested in working with kids. And as a former college athlete, he also fell in love with coaching kids. He attended the University of Northern Colorado which also drew him towards education due to the university’s teaching college.

Natalie Barnard Inpires at Mountain Vista HS

Mountain Vista High School Teacher Natalie Bernard has worked for Douglas County School District for more than ten years. She is an english teacher who has had an incredible impact on the students and staff she interacts with.

DCSD Bridge Students Run the Legacy Cafe

The cafe at the Legacy Campus is open for business. This cafe is run by students of the DCSD18-21 Bridge program. These students trained for over two weeks alongside Cafe manager Audra Gardner to be ready for the opening. Students build on prior knowledge and skills in the program of study to further develop and apply employability and technical skills that prepare them for success in future career and postsecondary education. The Legacy Cafe is open to the public Monday through Friday from 7am to 11am.

A Visit with Ms. Walter

Castle View High School student Ashton Showers sits down with his Choir, Theater, and Dance teacher Rochelle Walter to learn more about her love for teaching. Ms. Walter also provides Ashton with some advice for his future.

Meet Alison Shanor, Mountain Ridge Middle School Principal

It’s probably no surprise that Alison Shanor chose education as a career path since she comes from a family of educators. Her dad was a principal, her mom was a school counselor, and her aunts and uncles are all educators. Alison says she always wanted a job working with and supporting kids.

From NASA Engineer to Substitute Teacher, Tom Graves Shares His “Out of This World” Life Experiences with DCSD Students

Growing up in rural Louisiana in a town of 1,200 people and graduating high school in a class of 23 people, Tom Graves never imagined he would someday land a job at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). After working on top missions and helping land a man on the moon, Tom now shares his life experiences as a substitute teacher at Legend High School in Parker.