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How We Are Funded

Per the 1994 School Finance Act, the state legislature sets total funding for each school district each year. Think of our funding as a bucket, set by the state and filled with state and local funding. 

  • Local Share = Fixed tax rate set by the state of Colorado applied to all taxpayers in our school district and across the state.

  • State Share = Funding from State Income Tax and Sales Tax allocated by Legislature.


More Local Share = Less State Share

An increase in local funding due to economic growth and rising property taxes does NOT provide our schools with more  money (does NOT increase the size of the bucket) - it just means the state contributes less.

Note: Local Share refers to School Finance Act funding only and is not inclusive of Mill Levy Override.

Can We Make the Bucket Larger?

Yes. Voters can approve additional local funding via Mill Levy Overrides and Bonds, providing local dollars to support our students, staff, and schools.