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MLO Return on Investment

Thank You 5A
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Pay Increases
for Teachers and Staff

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Pay increases implemented.

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Starting teacher pay up from $45K to $51K.

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Decreased pay gap between DCSD and other Districts by approximately one-half.

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Security Support

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Many Campus Security Specialists and School Resource Officers are already hired!

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The rest will be in place next school year.

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Cost to Taxpayers

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Net change in school district tax rate is 2.939 mills ($194 on a $1M home).

Watch Superintendent Kane's presentation to the Board of Education from March 12, 2024 detailed the cost of the MLO to taxpayers.

View Superintendent Kane's presentation slides.

*Net Tax Rate Change due to 5A and Tax Relief Legislation


2023 Certification

2024 Certification

Difference increase/(decrease)

New MLO (5A)

N/A 6.370 Mills 6.370

Existing MLO

9.050 Mills 7.115 Mills (1.935)


6.700 Mills 5.204 Mills (1.496)
2.939 Mills