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Official Ballot Language

5A - Mill Levy Override

Shall Douglas County School District taxes be increased $66 million annually commencing in collection year 2024 and remain at this amount each year thereafter in order to:

  • Increase salaries of district teachers and staff to be more competitive with neighboring districts, and
  • Increase and maintain school security support, such as School Resource Officers; 

and shall such tax increase be imposed pursuant to and in accordance with section 22-54-108, C.R.S.; and shall the district collect property tax revenue previously approved by the voters notwithstanding any mill levy limitation; and shall the district’s expenditures be subject to oversight by a citizens’ committee?

5B - Bond

Without any expected increase in the district’s current debt service mill levy of 6.700 mills based on the expected 2024 assessed valuation, shall Douglas County School District debt be increased $484 million with a repayment cost of $865 million, and shall district taxes be increased $55 million annually to pay such debt;

to finance educational facilities described in the district bond plan approved on august 8, 2023, including facilities that will provide:

  • Safe and adequate learning spaces for students and staff,
  • School safety and security upgrades,
  • Expanded trade, career and technical education opportunities for students,
  • Increased capacity in order to reduce overcrowding,

and notwithstanding the above, shall such taxes be imposed by an annual mill levy sufficient in each year to pay the principal of and interest on such debt or any refunding debt or to create a reserve for such payment; and any mill levy imposed to pay the debt or any refunding debt will sunset when such debt is paid; such debt to be evidenced by the issuance of general obligation bonds to be sold in one series or more, for a price above or below the principal amount of such series, on terms and conditions and with such maturities as permitted by law, including provisions for redemption of the bonds prior to maturity with or without payment of the premium of not to exceed one percent; and shall the district’s expenditure of bond proceeds be subject to oversight by a citizens’ committee?